Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Saltillo Tile and Mexican Tile and Terra Cotta Tile the same thing

At Rustico Tile and Stone, we offer wholesale prices to the public for saltillo tile, Mexican tile, and terra cotta floor tile.  Not only do we wholesale our terracotta tile to the public but we have excellent shipping rates and can ship this Mexican floor tile all around the world.

We often get asked: What is the difference between Terracotta tile and Saltillo tile.  Terra cotta tile is clay tile -- clay coming from the earth.  Saltillo tile is made of a specific clay that comes from the riverbeds of Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico.  This Mexican clay tile is the same as a terra cotta tile.

Terra cotta floor tiles are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.  Terracotta flooring is affordable from someone like Rustico Tile and Stone.  In addition to affordability, this Mexican tile floor is one that lasts throughout the ages. There is no reason why a terracotta paver should not last for generations even if it is used as an outdoor clay tile.

When these saltillo tiles are sealed or glazed with a high quality sealer, the maintenance is minimal and they wear very well in time.

So... yes... terra cotta tiles and saltillo tiles are the same thing.  There are many other types of terracotta tiles but saltillo floors are of the highest quality clay tiles produced in the world.  Call or email us today for a price and shipping quote for your Mexican tile.